Research & Talks

Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Norris, A., & Rodriguez, N., (2019) #SandraBland's Mystery: A Transmedia Story of Police Brutality in De Kosnik, A., & Feldman, K. (2019). # Identity: Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation. University of Michigan Press.

  • Howell, D., Norris, A., & Williams, K., (2019) Toward Black Gaze Theory: How Black Female Teachers Make Black Students Visible

  • Madkins, T.C., Norris, A., Russo-Tait, T., & Rodriguez, N., (In Preparation) “Now I’m Getting Help”: Engaging Girls from Nondominant Communities in STEM Learning Environments

  • Make-her-spaces as hybrid places: Designing and resisting self-constructions in urban classrooms, Equity and Excellence in Education, 47:1, 63-77

Peer Reviewed Presentations and Invited Talks
  • Russo-Tait, T., Norris, A., & Rodriguez, N. A. F. (2019, November) “Consider the Flip Side”: Encounters with Friendly-Fire Racism and Sexism in CS Learning Environment, American Studies Association Conference, Envisioning Educational Futures Disrupting Antiblackness and Settler Colonialism in STEM Education Paper Panel presentation, Honolulu, HI

  • Norris, A (2019, November) #Identity: Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation, Book Release Panelist, American Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, HI

  • Howell, D. A., Norris, A., & Williams, K. L. (2019, April) Toward Black Gaze Theory How Black Female Teachers Make Black Students Visible, AERA Annual Meeting Division K Poster Session, Toronto, Canada

  • Norris, A., Madkins, T. C., Russo-Tait, T., & Rodriguez, N. A. F. (2019, April) Confusion and Empowerment: How Girls Contend with Racism and Sexism in Computer Science, AERA Annual Meeting, Paper Session “From Double Dutch to the Double Bind: Examinations of Dual Marginalization of Black Girls in Educational Contexts,” Toronto, CanadaRoss, D. L., Norris, A., Jin, Yi. (2018, June)